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Results In AI-powered Business Optimization

$176,400 saved every year with AI-powered field operations!

Client Summary
Managing field operations is a delicate balance between customer expectations, resource availability, and those things that are completely out of our control like traffic, building security, and public transportation delays.

A major healthcare provider in NYC offered a mobile team of 12 physician assistants ready to address the healthcare needs of NYC residents at a moments notice wherever they resided.

Managing patient bookings, checking physician availability, and routing physicians while updating and maintaining patient expectations was an operational challenge that was getting increasingly demanding with business growth. A solution was needed.
The Process
We started with a heavy discovery process. Speaking to call center resources, physician assistants, and patients to uncover key knowledge like physician assistant case loads, response times, care quality, and patient experiences.

Our process allowed us to identify the algorithm for an intelligent system to help address operational needs around resource availability both in the call center and in the healthcare providers.
The Results
We resourced, engineered, and managed an automated intelligent system with a mobile physician assistant interface capable enough to accept patient requests for care, identify available physician assistants, route physician assistants to patients all while keeping the patient updated in real-time.

The investment was minimal when compared to the costly alternatives and practical, realized savings of the now operational system. Without such an intelligent solution, a significant investment would have had to be made to increase and train call center resources.

The new system required only 1 hour of training on the part of the field operations, no changes to the patient experience, and resulted in an overall savings of $176,400 per year or $14,700 every month. The system also created a route to scaling the business that would have otherwise been unattainable.
The Skills Deployed
  • Operations Strategy and Design
  • Automation Systems Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Intelligent System Engineering
  • SMS / Telco Automation Engineering
  • Mobile Engineering

Results In Digital Product Development

iOS Mobile Healthcare

Client Summary
Bringing your business mobile is never smooth or easy. Many considerations need to be thought through, planned for, and designed for.

For Sickday Medical House Calls, the premiere in-home medical care provider in NYC, it meant designing a patient experience quintessential to the Sickday brand and quality of healthcare.

Our goal with Sickday was to deliver a new, secure, HIPAA compliant, and streamlined booking experience to mobile and to give patients a valuable resource for them and their families available right from their pocket.
The Process
The process for delivering the Sickday Medical House Calls mobile iOS app involved discovery, design, engineering, and launch support.

Patient and provider interviews led to a streamlined UX flow and optimized engineering sprints that delivered patients the best booking experience possible to get the healthcare they needed directly from their pocket.
The Results
The Sickday Medical mobile application for iOS was delivered with full payment integration and integration with Sickday's own operations platform. Click the play button to preview the final app.

In addition to the design and engineering of the Sickday mobile app, we also provided design and production of all promotional media to facilitate the successful launch and growth of the Sickday Medical House Calls brand on mobile.
The Skills Deployed
  • Strategy in Mobile Design
  • Strategy in Patient Interaction
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Graphic User Interface Design
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Mobile Engineering
  • Launch Strategy
  • Video Production

Results In Web Development

Building The Worlds Largest Open Conversation Directory

Client Summary
Engineering the worlds largest open directory of organized social media conversations requires quite a few engineering marvels.

#Iconohash identifies organized social media conversations, monitors identified organized social media conversations, indexes for links, media, and participation, then produces full conversation reports available online for free - and it's all completely automated.
The Process
We researched how online moderators promote, conduct, and manage their online community conversations.

Through our research we were able to design an intelligent system that automatically identified organized conversations and configured high value conversations for automated monitoring.

Our research also provided guidance on a robust moderator dashboard allowing moderators to monitor there conversations and identify what drives community engagement and what doesn't.
The Results
Today, #Iconohash monitors thousands of organized conversations in real-time while powering the worlds largest and only online organized social media conversations directory for moderators and participants.

To date, #Iconohash has helped identify over 2,756,329 conversational hashtags with an average 1,755 hashtags added daily. Of these, 4,500 real-time conversations are monitored every hour and available via iconohash.com.
The Skills Deployed
  • Community Research
  • Intelligent Systems Design
  • Graphic User Interface Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Near Zero-cost Systems Design
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Intelligent Systems Engineering
  • Responsive Web Platform Engineering

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