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...the most sophisticated spam detection device ever created. It can distinguish between human users and internet bots with over 99% accuracy...

  • ...very knowledgeable and a "jack of all trades". I would highly recommend him to a colleague!Tara S., Founder, Westyn Baby

  • The creative and technical advantages we gain can not be measured...a true secret weapon!Gannon C., Millennium Machinery

  • I only wish I found Jose and his team sooner; we'd be much better off today.Naomi F., Founder Sickday Medical House Calls

Results In AI-powered Business Optimization

$176,400 saved every year with AI-powered field operations!

Explore how  we helped New York City's most prestigious in-home healthcare provider maximize the efficiency of their field operations through AI-powered automation.

Results In Web Development

Building The Worlds Largest Open Conversation Directory

#Iconohash combines advanced AI and third party API integration to identify, track, and organize social media conversations, over 3,000 every hour, and produce full conversation reports for communities worldwide.

Results In Digital Product Development

iOS Mobile Healthcare

Explore how we helped this in-home medical care provider streamline and optimize the patient experience with a new, secure, HIPAA compliant, and streamlined booking experience accessible via your mobile phone.

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When you need to drive more revenue, sustain and grow your business, we are the only consultancy dedicated to strategically leveraging technology leadership to increase revenue.

Our process involves working hand-in-hand with you to understanding you, your business, and your market challenges to design solutions that change and amplify your trajectory to success.

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